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Meet the Team


The D.G.Verse is a multifaceted vision that supports an entire ecosystem on its own. From indie developers to gamers, fun-seekers to investors, influencers, streamers, or competitive players, everyone has an aspect of the D.G.Verse to invest themselves into and everyone in this metaverse can play a significant role in expanding it for everyone.


Samson Oh - Business Development / Esports

A full-fledged entrepreneur and prominent figure in the esports and gaming industry with multiple setups across the SEA and European region.
In 2017, Samson co-founded Team Flash and turned them into one of the biggest esports organizations in the region with multiple championships.
He is also the CEO of the global esports media company named GosuGamers. GosuGamers has been one of the most recognized brands in the esports world since 2002. Official media partner of many global Brands such as MONTOON Games, IMG, etc. Additionally, he has also grown another media agency named MOT Games as one of the biggest in Vietnam.
Samson didn’t stop there. He continues to expand his empire with more companies in the gaming space. He founded Dynamite Games and Cargo studio which he believes in helping the next generation of developers to fulfill their dreams. The studio has expanded to Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
His ultimate goal in assembling a range of companies that focus on different aspects of gaming is to build a self-supporting ecosystem that can support various talents in this field. He wants to build a community of people who have the same dreams in Southeast Asia starting in Singapore.
This is about giving hope to the next generations

Jimmy Li - Investment / Strategic / Marketing

Jimmy has 10 years of experience in AI, economy, finance, blockchain, crypto investment, digital currency, IT, Ecommerce, digital media marketing, and Supply Chain Management. He is the Executive Director of Ads Venture Group since February 2014. Ads Venture Group has exclusive partnerships with Huobi, Binance, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Weibo, Google, Facebook, and other digital platforms.
Jimmy co-founded Blockchain Centre Pte Ltd in April 2018 which provides One-Stop Solution for the Blockchain Consultant Service. He is also the principal co-founder of MainNexus Capital in July 2018 which invest in the blockchain project. Jimmy is the Strategic Advisor of Finxpay since January 2018. Finxpay is a multi-functional digital payment wallet that integrates with Crypto payment solutions, E-wallet(Alipay, WeChat pay, Grab Pay and etc) as well as traditional payment methods (Visa/Master).

Kit Lau - Product Management / Development

7 years in Fine Arts and 8 years in game development start-ups equipped Kit with a potent blend of skills to design and manage products and developments. in 2013, his first game studio was absorbed under an acquihire deal, where he moved to Silicon Valley to continue on his second game studio start-up. For 3 years, he was mentored by the brilliant minds (graduates of Harvard, Cornell, and Stanford) of Appsverse which equipped him with valuable experience in entrepreneurship and business acumen; which later proved to be highly valuable in his subsequent ventures.
In 2018 he co-founded another game studio named Kingmaker Entertainment (renamed to Dynamite Games), starting only 7 artists and developers, together with Samson, grew the operation to over a hundred game makers by 2021.
In 2020, Kit co-founded Cargo Studio with Samson and continued to develop close relationships with advanced institutes and indie game developers to support the growth and development of the indie game scene in Singapore. The incubator is currently incubating 8 game projects and aiming to double the capacity in 2022.

Edwin - Blockchain / Community / Defi

Has over 20 years of experience in Systems and networks, development, casino, and gaming and used to be a staunch believer in the command-line interface until he found out the existence of Firefox. Edwin has had an unusual and challenging career. Due to his problem-solving nature and obsession with coding (from a young age) he often found himself headhunted to solve problems that do not fall in the job description even amongst many engineering roles. Willingly inserted into the midst of troubling issues faced by big tech companies, Edwin will be able to solve 99.99% of these problems, plus more. Simply put, security cuts both ways.
While having a stellar track record of being a guerilla problem-solving engineer, Edwin has kept his head to the ground when it comes to the progress of Blockchain, NFT, and Defi technology from the very beginning. With a keen sense of community sentiment (self-proclaimed a degenerate) and technological understanding, he is able to support any NFT game projects from multiple angles, mustering confidence between traditional game developers who are new to the blockchain world.


Stay tuned for the full list of talents that made D.G.Pal Project possible.
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